Otter-Cub eaglesWildlife, flora and fauna

As you’d expect of an unspoiled environment, the Ardnamurchan area abounds with wildlife – particularly birds, butterflies and DSC01809fauna. Around The Strontian  pine martins and roe deer are regular visitors.

Sunart Oakwoods provide a series of leaflets which tell the story of the area in natural history terms. The Strontian has these available to visitors and you can access information from the Sunart Oakwoods website at:

To the rear of the Hotel are magnificent ancient woods with giant redwoods, pine martens, roe and red deer, owls and birds of prey. The ground is carpeted with wild flowers and DSC01632mosses. The meandering path leads up onto the open moor and then along the side of a hill until it drops down to the river valley through ancient oakwoods. From the front of the Hotel you can walk along the shoreline and watch otters and sea eagles or just sit and look out over the loch with a cool glass of wine and look for the seals surfacing.


See Andy and Alison Jacksons great website that shows all the sightings last year from in and around Ardnamurchan and from their amazing boat trips:-

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